Some of The History!

Historical background of the tournament

Modern chess had been established in 1475, but  the first tournament took place in Leeds in 1842 during the Great Exhibition which serve as a precursor to future international chess tournament and the pioneer winner was Adolf Anderson who hails from Germany who was regarded as best chess player then. Increase number of tournament followed suit subsequently in Paris, Manchester, New York, Berlin, San Franciso, Birmingham and Vienna. There has been well over thousands of international chess tournament as at 1990.

  • Chess Olympiads (Olympic games)

Olympic Games: there were attempts to include chess game in the 1924 Olympic games. But due to inability to differentiate between amateur and professional chess players made the game to be cancelled at the Olympic. Although the first unofficial chess Olympiad took place in Paris same year took place separately from the Olympics, but also in Paris. Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE) was established. In 1927. FIDE organized the first official Chess Olympiad where 16 countries participated. By 1990 the 29th Chess Olympiad witness the 127 member countries participating. Since 1950 the tournament developed and has now been held every two years.

  • Computers in chess tournaments

The newly created Mac Hack Six in 1967 became the first chess computer program to defeat a person. Thereafter tournaments for computers was created. As at 1970 many others were created such as North American Computer Chess Championship (NACCC),  held in New York City, World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC)  held in Stockholm. Kaissa in 1974,  Soviet Union’s  first computer chess champion emerged,  the first World Computer Speed Chess Championship, held in Paderborn, Germany etc.  Rybka won all World Computer Chess Championship from 2007. It however came to the knowledge that it did plagiarized other programs and its license was withdrawn. Some other champions also emerged like Fritz, Junior etc.